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Rectangular Ductwork

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Rectangular duct info

Ductwork is manufactured to order in our factory in Essex. We generally provide pricing from drawings supplied by the customer. If you would like a quote please contact us. Please ensure that any query regarding a quote is accompanied by some sort of drawing of the ductwork required, be it faxed, emailed, or a hard copy.

Rectangular ductwork differs from round spiral ducting and fittings in that it's generally not bought 'off-the-shelf'. However, we have made it possible to purchase some of the more common pieces here online.

If you are new to rectangular ductwork, or don't have a great deal of experience working with it we have provided some help on the methods used to connect the various parts together, which you can see by clicking the link below:

Joining rectangular ducting...

We will not accept orders by telephone for bespoke ductwork pieces without having been supplied with a fully dimensioned drawing of the pieces required.

Please note we are strictly metric.

Note that everything in this section is manufactured to order and is non-returnable. Please take care when ordering: we will send out exactly as ordered.

<strong>Straight Duct Lengths </strong>
Straight Duct Lengths
<strong>Square Bends</strong>
Square Bends
<strong>Radius Bends</strong>
Radius Bends
<strong>30 45 & 60 Bends</strong>
30° 45° & 60° Bends
<strong>T Pieces</strong>
T Pieces
<strong>Square to Rounds</strong>
Square to Rounds
<strong>Meshed Outlets</strong>
Meshed Outlets
<strong>Rectangular Duct Cowls</strong>
Rectangular Duct Cowls
<strong>Roof Duct with Cravat</strong>
Roof Duct with Cravat
<strong>Flexible Duct Connectors - Rectangular</strong>
Flexible Duct Connectors - Rectangular
<strong>Grille Saddles</strong>
Grille Saddles
<strong>Plate Fan Mounting Boxes</strong>
Plate Fan Mounting Boxes
<strong>Loose Doby Frames</strong>
Loose Doby Frames
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100 dia 90° Pressed Bends with Seals

100 dia 90 Pressed Bends with Seals


600mm 30x30 Cantilever Support

600mm 30x30 Cantilever Support


PU S1 Clear Extraction Hose 10m Length

PU S1 Clear Extraction Hose 10m Length

M8 Back Plate Threaded Rod Hanger

M8 Back Plate Threaded Rod Hanger


100mm dia Chrome Exhaust Valve

100mm dia Chrome Exhaust Valve