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Rectangular Cowls with Inverter

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Rectangular Duct Cowls with Inverter

Rectangular duct cowls with inverter. Manufactured from 0.7mm zinc-coated mild steel with 16swg 13x13mm weld mesh. Available with Doby frames or a sheet metal flange (rectangular cowls are not generally compatible with a slip jointed connection method).

The 'inverter' is an inverted pyramid shaped addiition located on the underside of the cowl top. When used as an air intake the inverter isn't necessary, however when used as an air exhaust the inverter channels the airflow more efficiently, aiding expulsion and reducing back pressure.

Please use the drop down menu below to select the width of the cowl required as denoted by the drawing to the right.

Depth can be selected on the following page.

If you need more dimensional info prior to ordering please give us a call as there is a great deal of variance depending on the duct size.


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